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The Daily Printable 1-Digit Divisor Crossword is a fun little puzzle that is a great way to sharpen your math division skills.

The clue for each entry is a division problem consisting of a dividend and a 1-digit divisor. You can completely fill the grid by completing the ACROSS entries (or the DOWN entries) and then verify that your math is correct by completing the DOWN entries (or the ACROSS entries), but as with all crossword puzzle, that's usually not the best solving strategy.

A more popular strategy is to solve the math problems for the smaller numbers first and work your way up to solving the math problems for the larger numbers (e.g. the 3-digit numbers first, then the 4-digit numbers, etc.).

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a new 1-Digit Divisor Crossword each day, and watch as your number division skills steadily improve!

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