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WordFit! Crossword Builder - for Windows 10, 8, 7 and Windows Vista

WordFit! Crossword Builder (WFCB) is an intuitive software package that anybody can use to create pro quality newspaper style crossword puzzles. Users can create and publish unlimited crossword puzzles ranging in size from 9x9 to 27x27 blocks.

WFCB incorporates an enhanced version of the powerful crossword building engine that we developed (and use) to create the large variety of daily puzzles at

WFCB is designed to work equally well on today's touch-screen PC's and tablet computers in addition to PC's using traditional mouse and keyboard input devices.

Features Include:
  • Safe Download - digitally signed by Alsoft Publishing Company
  • 100% Functional - the software is fully functional with no restrictions
  • 100% Clean - no ads, no bundled 3rd party software or toolbars
  • You own the copyright to all puzzles that you create
  • Word lists with 70,000+ words each for United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and India dialects of the English language
  • Clue lists with thousands of clues for each included English language dialect
  • Automatic grid creation for 9x9, 11x11, 13x13, 15x15, 21x21 and 27x27 grid sizes
  • Automated high speed, high quality crossword generating
  • Create themed or non-themed crossword puzzles
  • Built-in clue manager remembers your clues for use in future puzzles
  • Choose different fonts and colors for title, puzzle grids and clues
  • Adjust the margins to place the puzzle anywhere on the printed page
  • Adjust the margins to vary the size of the printed puzzle
  • Automatically formats the puzzle to print in landscape or portrait mode
  • Left or right side puzzle grid placement options
  • Print with the current puzzle solution or a previous puzzle solution
  • Print with or without a puzzle solution
  • Output to any device with a print driver - including PDF printers
  • Fully functional on a Tablet PC using only touch-screen gesture input
  • Puzzles can be saved in text format for submission to publishers
  • Puzzles saved in text format are readable (on Windows computers) by Across Lite(tm) crossword solving software

    • Across Lite is a trademark of Literate Software LLC
    • WordFit! Crossword Builder is neither authorized nor endorsed by Literate Software LLC in any way
    • We tested the text format used by WordFit! Crossword Builder on multiple Windows computers running the Across Lite crossword solving software and it was found to be fully functional
    • Literate Software LLC does not guarantee that the text format used by WordFit! Crossword Builder will work with any version of Across Lite software on any platform

  • And many more features not listed here!
Free Download

WFCB is a free download for Microsoft Windows users. It is designed for use with any computer system running Windows 10, 8, 7 or Windows Vista. Please note that It will NOT run on tablets that have the Windows RT operating system. For the best user experience it is recommended that your system have at least a dual-core processor.

If you download using Internet Explorer you may see this dialog:

Internet Explorer Download

Select 'Open' and then double-click on the file named 'SetupCWBuilder.msi' to initiate the installation.

If you download using Firefox you may see this dialog:

Firefox Download

Select 'Open with Windows Explorer' click 'OK' then double-click on the file named 'SetupCWBuilder.msi' to initiate the installation.

NOTE: Using other browsers not listed above will require similar actions to initiate the installation.

You may be asked to allow the installer to run. After you give your okay the installation will begin. Follow the prompts to complete the process.

If you are upgrading from a previous version the old version will automatically be removed. Crossword puzzles that you created previously will not be altered. (e.g. they will still be available after you upgrade)

WFCB direct download link: (updated on Sept-21-2015 to version

Important! For optimal results please read the remaining instructions on this page after installing. This will take about five minutes.
First-Run Initialization

The first time you run WFCB you will be greeted with the following view:

First-Run Initialization

While this dialog is displayed the program is preparing a sub-folder in your documents folder named 'WordFitCWBuilder'. This new folder contains puzzle clues and other user specific information. Upon completion, the main application window will open with the Grid Designer displayed.

Grid Designer View

Grid Designer View

Initially, the application window displays the Grid Designer along with a new crossword grid. At this point, you can tap or click the Generate button (green button on the toolbar) to generate a new puzzle, or do some editing prior to generating.

It is easy to modify the grid before generating. Tap or Left-click a crossword block to toggle from filled to unfilled or from unfilled to filled. If a block contains a letter it cannot be toggled. Grid symmetry is automatically maintained whenever a block is toggled, therefore, a block also cannot be toggled if the symmetrically opposite block contains a letter.

Long-press or Right-click a crossword block to present a menu that will allow you to add a word to the grid in either the Across or Down direction. Please note that even if you completely fill the grid with words using this method you will still be required to tap or click the Generate button to continue on to the next step.

To design a crossword grid starting with a blank grid tap or click the 'Blank Grid' toolbar button (depicted by the red arrow in the above image). Follow the directions in the previous paragraphs to complete the desired design.

NOTE: Hovering the mouse pointer over each toolbar button will cause the program to display information about the functions that the buttons perform.

Generating View

Generating View

As you watch the progress of the generating puzzle you can go-with-the-program or, if you like, take an active role as the puzzle generates. To remove a word from the generating puzzle, tap or click it. Tap or Left-click to remove the Across word. Long-press or Right-click to remove the Down word.

To halt the generating process tap or click the 'Stop Generating' button (red button on the toolbar). All generating activity will halt and the grid will revert to its pre-generating state.

After the crossword puzzle has generated the view will switch to Crossword Puzzle View.

Crossword Puzzle View

Crossword Puzzle View

Clues contained in the clue database are randomly selected and automatically included in the puzzle. Where no clues are available, the text is set to 'TO DO clue for: WORD'. Tap or click a clue to edit the clue text.

Users can also tap or click other areas of the puzzle to edit the text. The Puzzle Title and the Answer Title can be edited or even removed. Removing the text is particularly useful if you want to print the puzzle without printing a solution. To do this simply delete the Answer Title. If you decide later that you want the answer to be printed along with the puzzle, select 'Answer Title' from the 'Edit' menu and enter a new title.

The text located below the crossword puzzle grid can also be edited. This area contains the Author on the left side and Copyright Information on the right side.

When you tap or click a clue in the crossword puzzle the Clue Manger dialog opens.

Clue Manager

Clue Manager

Type a new clue or, if available, select one from the drop down list. If you want to prevent a word from appearing in future puzzles, check the 'Do not use this word in future puzzles' checkbox before tapping or clicking the 'OK' button.

Tap or click the various buttons at the bottom of the Clue Manager dialog to perform specific tasks. In the dialog pictured above a tap or click on the 'Copy Word' button copies 'URN definition' to the Windows Clipboard. You can then paste this into a web browser or any other application to search for definitions for the word 'URN'. Tap or click 'Paste Clue' to paste text from the Windows Clipboard into the edit area of the Clue Manager. To delete the currently selected clue from the clues database tap or click 'Delete Clue From Database'. Note that the deleted clue will remain in the current puzzle unless you select or provide a new one. Tap or click 'OK' to accept the current clue and continue on to the next word. Tap or click 'Cancel' to stop selecting clues and close the Clue Manager dialog.

Clue Editor View

Clue Editor View

Alternately, the Clue Manager can be displayed from the Clue Editor View. To switch the current view between Puzzle View and Clue Editor View tap or click the 'Toggle View' toolbar button (depicted by the red arrow in the above image). Tap or Left-click any letter on the grid to edit the clue for the Across word. Long-press or right-click to edit the clue for the Down word.

Page Layout Settings

Page Layout Settings

Select 'Page Layout' from the 'File' menu to choose the way the puzzle will be displayed. Set the margins in 1/100" units. For example, 25 is equal to 1/4 inch and 100 is equal to 1 inch. As you increase or decrease the margins the puzzle will automatically resize itself to fit in the allocated space on the printed page.

The puzzle grid can appear on either side of the printed page. To print the puzzle with the grid on the right side of the page check the 'Right-side puzzle grid' checkbox. Uncheck it to to print the puzzle with the grid on the left side of the page.

Publishing to the Internet

The easiest way to publish your puzzles to the Internet is in PDF format. All you need to do this is a PDF printer. Once installed, you can print to a PDF printer the same way you print to any other printer. The only difference is that instead of being printed, the puzzle will be saved to a PDF file. You can then upload the PDF file to your website or blog.

Click here to view a crossword in PDF format

There are many Windows PDF printers available for download. Two popular ones are BullZip and CutePDF.

Click here to view the CutePDF download page

Click here to view the BullZip download page

Generator Settings

Generator Settings

Select 'Options' from the 'Generate' menu to choose the English language dialect and the puzzle generator engine mode. Four generating modes and five English language dialects are available. Most puzzles can be generated using one of the quick generating modes. If a puzzle fails to generate using one of these modes, select Deep Thinking mode or Brute Force mode.

PAD File

A PAD file is provided for software download websites that would like to add WordFit! Crossword Builder to their software list. The PAD file is located at the following URL:


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  • Straightforward and easy to understand usage...
  • Effortlessly create custom crossword puzzles of varying difficulty...
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